Flashcards Pro #1 Flashcards App For Windows Phone

flashcards pro screenshotFlashcards Pro is your one stop e-learning solution for thousands of subjects. Do you want to learn a new language? Or are you preparing for a competitive exam? Or perhaps you need to lookup information about some subject on the go? There is no limit to what information you can search for, learn and memorize using Flashcards Pro.
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App Features

Text To Speech (coming soon)

Text to speech with support for 19 languages and 42 voices. Set a different voice/language for front and back side of the flashcard for easy language learning.

Quizlet & Cram Integration

Boost your study: search and download from millions of sets available on quizlet.com and cram.com

Text & Images

Download OR create your own text and image based flashcard sets.

Study Status

Track your study progress (percent completed, number of cards learnt, yet to learn etc). You can mark flashcards as learnt or yet to learn. This way, you will always know the progress of your study. (Study progress is coming soon)

Easy Categorization

Create different categories for your sets. Sets are automatically sorted based on the assigned category.

Reverse Cards

You can reverse the card sides so that the front content is replaced with the back content and vice versa.

Data Export (coming soon)

Export sets to pdf and word (docx) documents for learning or sharing your sets with others who do not have access to a Windows Phone 8.1 device.

Username Search (coming soon)

If you have existing sets on quizlet.com or cram.com, you can quickly find them all by searching for your username and downloading them to Flashcards Pro for study. If you are a teacher, your students can search for your sets to study by using your username.

Backup & Restore (coming soon)

Never lose your data! Backup your sets into a backup file and restore them when needed. You can also share your sets with your friends/family/classmates/students. Just backup the required sets and email the backup file to them. All they need to do is restore the backup file into their copy of Flashcards Pro.

User Testimonials (in the app store)

Great study app! I just moved to Windows phone and was concerned that there wasn’t a good flashcards app. This is exactly what I needed.
Only app which allows to create custom set with pictures.
Great study tool…