Alarm Clock HD #1 Free Alarm Clock App For Windows 8/8.1

#1 FREE alarm clock app for Windows! Try it and you will love it. > 10000 ‘5 star’ ratings! This is the ultimate FREE multimedia alarm clock app for Windows 8/8.1.

Roaming alarms | Toast Notifications | Wake-up from Sleep | Weather | World Clocks | Music Player | Radio Player | Facebook | RSS News | Alarm Sounds – Built-In, Custom or Radio | Sleep Music & Timer | Picture Themes – Built-In or Your Own | Live Tile Clock | Room Light Sensor | Functional Snapped View | Highly Customizable

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App Features

Roaming Alarms

Set daily or specific weekday(s) based alarms. You can set the alarm music (built-in or your own), snooze duration, content to be reminded about, and alarm picture for each alarm individually. Set the alarm to wake you gently with the alarm fade in duration setting.

Toast Notifications & Lock Screen

Get alarm alerts via toast notifications even when the app is not running or in lock screen. When the app starts, make sure that you allow it to run in the background when prompted.

Roaming Settings

All your alarms and settings roam with you on any windows 8 device where you have installed the app. Change the alarm or settings on one device and it is automatically updated on all your devices.

Home Weather

Know the latest weather condition and temperatures for your current location in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can also set custom colors for the weather icons. When the app starts, make sure that you allow it to use your current location when prompted.

World Clock

Get the time, weather and currency exchange rate for any 3 cities in the world simultaneously.

Built-In and Custom RSS News

Read the latest news from around the world across different categories such as top news, world news, business, technology, sports, entertainment, science and health. Add your own custom RSS feeds.

Facebook Feeds

View the latest Facebook posts from your friends and family directly from the app.

Music and Radio Player

Create unlimited music and radio playlists with your favorite music tracks or radio stations. Play and control music directly from the clock screen. You can also shuffle and loop a music playlist. Add your own radio stations using pls/xspf/m3u playlist files.

Sleep Timer

Set a music playlist for the sleep timer from your music playlist collection. Set a time period and fade duration for the sleep timer. When you press ‘Sleep’ button on the clock page appbar, the music plays for the timer duration and gently fades away as you fall asleep without suddenly stopping and waking you up. The clock screen also fades away with the sleep timer.

Picture Themes / Album

Create unlimited picture themes with your favorite photos. Select a theme and set the image change duration. The pictures are shown in the clock background and gently change after the specified duration. In settings, you can set the foreground opacity to 0 to turn the app into a picture album with music playback.

Snapped View

The app is fully functional in snapped view. Clock, alarms, music, news and Facebook feeds, world clocks, and weather – all of them work in snapped view. Snap the app while you work with other apps, and you will have a great time!

Live Tile

View the current date and time, updated every minute on the app live tile.

User Testimonials (in the app store)

This app does simple versions of a lot of things: music player, slideshow, clock, RSS updates, alarm clock, weather. It does everything pretty well, too, for the number of things it’s doing. Not to mention this is the first alarm clock app I’ve downloaded that actually had working alarms. Overall great job!
I give this 5 stars because it is the best alarm clock for a tablet in the store at this time. I have been experimenting with many, and this one is powerful, has many features like background, multiple alarms, a sound file player, weather, times in different areas, and currency conversions, all which work correctly. It is also fairly easy to use, and stays true to the Windows 8 OS commands.
Excellente application tres pratique etd’une grande beaute
This is by far the best alarm clock I’ve seen for windows. It has multiple alarms, you can set it for sleep, use about any image or sound you want. Even has a “flashlight” feature built in.
Works perfectly. Has a lot of features. 10/10 highly recommended!
Amazing alarm app…have been looking for a long time for some working alarm, free of bugs and finally found ALARM CLOCK HD. It works great as advertised and does what it is supposed to do and has additional feature/requirements as well.