Alarm Clock HD – Frequently Asked Questions

To set the app’s clock time, open the Windows control panel and change the date/time of your device. Restart the app and it will now show the updated date/time.
At alarm time, if the app is running and showing the clock page, you will see the alarm popup and any built-in or custom music that you have set for it will be played. If you are on a different page or app (or the app is not running), then you will see a toast notification on the top right corner of the screen and the notification sound is played. This is by design in Windows 8.
Start the app and open the settings charm by either pressing the “settings” text shown below the clock or by swiping from the right side of your device screen. Choose the “World Clocks” setting and within it, you can find the option to change the city and timezone of the world clocks.
The app takes the time from your device’s internal clock. Sometimes your device may not be set to the correct time and this results in the app showing the wrong time. To correct this, please refer to the above question on setting the clock time.
Yes. On most of the sections in the app, you will find a shield with the help icon shown in the top right corner of the screen. Click this icon to open the instructions for that section.